It seems to be reasonably popular in fantasy to posit supernatural or underground versions of $big_city (commonly London). While it's certainly reasonable that cities in two worlds would coincide, wouldn't it be more interesting if they didn't?



Each of us is locked in the prison of his own mind. Civilization began when we started to assume others were the same.



The sentence "You don't deserve me" can mean either "You're not good enough for me" or "I'm not good enough for you" depending on its tone.



The red sun sinks beneath rippling grass and shadowed mountains. Purple clouds lie low over the plain. Indifferent clouds, symbol of our nakedness now to the vagaries of the sky. Beyond them, stars begin to show. One day the stars will be our heritage. But will it be soon enough? That is the question on all our minds. I do not even know if we can survive ourselves.
Ours was a fertile world. The sky king gave us rain when we needed it and sun when we desired it. From his etherial throne, the mountain of Aeolia, he commanded the winds without sign or sound. The wind has toppled empires and sped privateers on their courses, but mostly it has kept peace between peace-loving peoples. The sky king did not demand sacrifices or hinder our growth, indeed, he nudged us away from harmful technology and gave us the limitless power of the sun and wind.
Yet we all know of the savagery hidden in all our hearts behind the veneer of civilization. A savagery revealed now by the continuing absence of our sky king.



Of course it was a bad idea. It wasn't what it was supposed to do; it was me selfishly trying to shoehorn a feature in where it didn't belong. Just another of my stupid mistakes. And I'll keep making them, because I never seem to learn from them. I should have figured out six months ago that screwing with zephyr was a fucking stupid idea. I spammed -c message not once but multiple times, because I couldn't see that. And I'll keep doing it, too. Why, because it's fun? Fun for other people, or fun for me? And even then not for long, because I soon see how badly I fucking screwed up. Not that that changes anything.



It's kind of like how you're not supposed to use English words in French, not because they'll come after you if you do or because English is inherently bad, but because it's against the spirit of the language. Only there's no Académie making proclamations about the spirit of the language. Or from another perspective, we're all the Académie.



My music-tagging scheme is based on the fact that I very rarely have more than three or four songs from the same artist. I don't generally download whole albums. I care more about the song than the artist, so I lump them all together so they get grouped by things that care about tags. (This is not to say the majority of my songs are in this category. But most of the remainder is video game music.)

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