"As always..." He spread his hands. "Ternus wins."



The Pokemon growth model seems to me unsustainable... you can try milking more money out of people by selling them X games to catch Y species, but at some point you'll hit diminishing returns. I'd like to see a gigantic worldwide poll -- vote for your favorite Pokemon / evolutionary line, or several, and we'll take the top 151 -- though it'll never happen.



Lingua::Romana::Perligata is a cool idea, and the inflectional morphology has interesting consequences, but it doesn't go far enough. Latin inscriptions tend to have no punctuation or spaces and only uppercase letters, and everything is abbreviated.



My prevailing image of Google is as a child lost in an adult world... "We just want everyone to have free video / email / maps!" it says, but everyone from content providers to ISPs to privacy advocates to governments breaks out the lawsuits.



SIK games are far more effective means of exercise than PE classes.



I was somewhat confused when I found out how recent git was; I always interpreted "Linus Torvalds wrote it for Linux" to mean it was at least a decade old. On the other hand, it's no longer a mystery why it only became popular recently...



If the world made any sense, a key signature would be the outcome of a key-signing party.

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