Besides that the concept of friction itself is nonrigorous, a world "without friction" would be a world without electromagnetism, which would have much farther-reaching consequences than the loosening of knots.


"Why can a man never starve in the Great Desert? Because he eats the sand which is there. How did the sandwich get there? Noah sent Ham, and his descendants mustered and bred."



Which verse of My Eyes is running through my head is possibly a good indication of my mental state.



Due to the nature of the medium, the tomato surprise in film often must be a matter of deliberate trickery. In writing, however, it typically relies on ambiguity -- that must be both possible and common in the language of choice.



Mega- means big. Giga- also means big. Tera : tetra; peta : penta; exa : hexa; zetta : septa; yotta : octa.



In many engineering disciplines, the environment in which a thing is produced looks nothing like the environment in which it is used (or, for that matter, the environment in which the discipline is taught). I wonder whether this is more true or less for computer science.



I often find myself rooting for the villain. So often they're moments away from triumph, only to be defeated by some silly trick the writers pulled. What would the world be like if they succeeded?

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